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The Cunning Little Vixen concept art
17 December, 2008

Here's an early preview at what the backgrounds will look like for The Cunning Little Vixen play by Nimby Opera. These are only conecpt sketches but Nimby has released 3 of these artwork on their Facebook group. The new (and sexy) poster will be out and about early February. Still lots for me to do, like.. a lot
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Unused concepts
16 December, 2008

I was approached by the U.S military to help out with a character design for their new site/product (no idea what it is). I've only done these quick sketches and didn't have the time to follow up on anymore. Anyways I think they have their character now, so it's ok for me to upload my little concepts :]
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Fan art returns! Tomb Raider Underworld
12 December, 2008

I'm a pretty big Tomb Raider fan, played pretty much all the games (I think). The latest one, Tomb Raider Underworld is great, enjoying it a lot on my Xbox 360. Took some time out to finally create something for my website, so I've started the 2009 gallery alittle early. Next fan art should be in January hopefully. Back to work again! :D

Click here for larger size.
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CDC-Auckland teaser site
05 December, 2008

I was hired by the CDC-Auckland (Creative Digital Content) to design a very simple page for them to put up until the full site is done, it's a fairly low-key job :)
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More Mighty Ape artwork
28 November, 2008

Here are more Mighty Ape artwork, recent two from new features on the website, also remainding ones I haven't uploaded yet.

Australian advertising paper Quakko character design is finally done, sealed and approved yay! They are using my character design as the official mascot but turning it into 3d, should be fun to see the transformation :) The character will be revealed sometime early next year I think.
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New Sketch
18 November, 2008

Here's a quick sketch and color, more on the way. Now that some of my contract work is starting to get finished, some anyways :/ Been busy for the past few weeks designing backgrounds and cute little animals :{
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Gotham Comics on TV3, Nightline!
15 November, 2008

Jeremy Bishop, my publisher for Space Chronicles and Skeleton Queen!

Quick glimps of the cover I did New Ground #6,
first TV apperance of Captain Eva, kinda :P

TV3 News, Nightline aired a short piece on New Zealand comics. Giving some exposure to independent comic artist and publishers here, like DMC Comics and their New Ground comic series. I designed and host both Gotham Comics and DMC websites and contribute (with many other talented artist) to New Ground content, so it's good to see the media taking an interest in what we do. Well done guys and gals at Gotham/DMC :D
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Mighty Ape concept art
30 October, 2008

Here are the concept art for Mighty Ape, from the final design to the early concepts that started in 2007. There is way more designs but I only picked a few for each stage of the development.

Commissions are now closed until 2009, my work schedule is now packed until March 09.
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The Skeleton Queen now online!
15 October, 2008

Here it is, the website is finally up!, The Skeleton Queen part 1 mini story is featured in DMC's New Ground comic book issue 10B and will be available at Armageddon Expo in Auckland on the 25th October. Thanks to Chris Corboy my editor for this project and publisher Jeremy Bishop from DMC ;)

Next year in October will be the release of my first comic book, Space Chronicles Universe, issue #1 will introduce you to the Valkyrie Team and the start of an on going series. Can't give out too much details yet as I am still sorting out bits and pieces (publishers, retail etc). But for now I've launched a teaser page, check out the new updated logo :)

I am pretty busy now with several contract work, there will be updates on those soon, including Mighty Ape concept art, which should be online early November.
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Commission Art: Portraits
8 October, 2008

The last commission artwork featuring Ashley and Micky. No more commission until November/December this year.
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Commissions will be back in November
2 October, 2008

Due to an overwhelming request for commissions (which I am very grateful for!) I need to concentrate on current jobs and projects, so I have to put all previous and new commission request on hold until late November. Right now I'm finishing up on the last commission I have time for, but I will continue commission in November. You will be contacted you again at that time to make sure you are still interested. Thank you for your patiences :)
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Tsai.net.nz Avatars
29 September, 2008

Had some free time so I made these avatars from some of my artwork, it's just something extra for my site :)
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Mighty Ape goes live!
25 September, 2008

Mighty Ape is now live!, formally known as GPstore, they now bring you a new website, new brand and new everything! I designed their brand character mascot Al, you can see more of him on the website (bottom of each site category). There will be more artwork in the near future for Mighty Ape.

Note: I'm pretty busy at the moment, so some email replies will be 3-5 days, sorry for the delay! Thanks for all the support and comments!
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Commission Art: More World of Warcraft
21 September, 2008

More commission art for World of Warcraft, a Silver Elite Dragon logo and player character Vamprissa (censored version included)
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Commission Art: World of Warcraft
9 September, 2008

New commission art for World of Warcraft player characters a Shadowskull (Night Elf) and Altriz (Draenei), although the commission did not require a background, I've added a simple one mimicking the game's character selection screen.

Click here for larger version
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The Skeleton Queen completed
3 September, 2008

The Skeleton Queen is finally finished and will be included in New Ground comic book #10, you can buy this comic at Gotham Comics and at the Armageddon Expo during October 25-27th in Auckland, New Zealand. Unfortunately this comic is only available locally. Right now I'm working on the Skeleton Queen website which will be online on October 20th.
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Comic book pin-up and emails
21 August, 2008

Finally got a copy of First Salvo's comic book Contract (thanks Gotham Comics!), which features the Jessie pin-up artwork I did for them for issue #1, released during Comic-Con at San Diego in July. Also includes a Space Chronicles advert at the bottom ;) Sweet!

A note to those that are contacting me through my online form, please check your emails as there's a few I replied back but they bounce back :( I will be adding a email verification box to my online contact form soon ;P
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Commission Art: City of Heroes
17 August, 2008

New commission art for local New Zealander, James Hansard. The commission is for his character Comrade Hero from City of Heroes videogame, getting ready to take on the evil Rikti aliens.

Click here for larger version
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New Commission
8 August, 2008

Dragon's Lair Daphne and Space Ace Kimberly print commission.

Click here for larger version
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Maui's Spell still around
11 July, 2008

I spotted this at Auckland Airport Whitcoulls, I'm surprise it's still on retail shelf's. It's Maui's Spell, a game I worked on way back in 2003 with CultureFlow. I was the lead artist, did the game's background art, interface, intro/ending story slides, the DVD cover, logo and manual, good times :)
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Animation celebration night
9 July, 2008

Great night at the celebration for Aucklands entry to the Hamburg Animation Awards 2008. It was good to catch up with some ex-classmates/tutors from Freelance Animation School. Space Chronicles Animated was screened there along with many other Auckland animation entries (25 in total I think).
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Official Space Chronicles website music!
7 July, 2008

Original SC theme by Sam Hulick (Mass Effect Co-Composer) is now playing on the Space Chronicles Home page and Codex page.
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Happysheep on TV3, Campbell Live!
5 July, 2008

TV3 Campbell Live has a fortnightly segment called World Wide Wonderland, which reviews new/popular websites, Happysheep was shown this week!

My biography has finally been updated.
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New sketches!
26 June, 2008

Thought it's about time I updated my sketches gallery, so here it is. Just random creatures for a change. They all look kinda worried... I'll make some happy ones next round :)
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Commission art (kinda) open for business
17 June, 2008

Commission artwork for John Reed, a devoted fan to Top Cow Production comic book character, Magdalena. As requested I've turned her into an animated character and yes, increased her chest size :)

I've setup a commission page for 2008. I may or maybe not have time currently for more commissions, as I'm working on The Skeleton Queen, more Space Chronicles stuff and various contract work.

Happysheep banners! check it out, the Happysheep team have compiled a bunch of banners you can html code into your blog or website.
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The Skeleton Queen teaser site opens
31 MAY, 2008

Just the logo and dates are on here. No new artwork yet until then. You can view an old concept art of SQ here, quiet a bit has changed since then.
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More Happysheep.co.nz artwork
22 MAY, 2008

More official Happysheep artwork, check him out in vector! If you live in New Zealand and haven't checked out the site yet, go now! it's free local classified ads, for anything and everything.
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Princess Aura fan art
21 MAY, 2008

Princess Aura from the 80's Filmation cartoon, The New Adventures of Flash Gordon. I only remember watching a few episodes, you can find a few on youtube, Princess Aura is great, she knows what she wants ;)

Click here for larger version
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Contract comic book exclusive pin up
20 MAY, 2008

I've finished a new pin up for A First Salvo studio, of their comic book character Jessica Garret. It will be featured in a cool new comic titled Contract #1, which hits stores in July 08.

Click here for larger version
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Space Chronicles Animated off to Germany
18 MAY, 2008

Space Chronicles Animated diploma project is finally done and signed off to the Hamburg Animation Awards 2008. Thanks to everyone who have helped out, all your names are in the credits list, a new nicer looking credits list I should say :)

It's a pretty slow month but there are new artwork waiting to be uploaded; a new fan art, pin up for a new comic book and a few more stuff. Hopefully more projects in June as well.

Sam Hulick's SC theme should be ready in June! can't wait for that :) Skeleton Queen comic and website production should begin soon, as well as the next Space Chronicles announcement.

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GPstore wins New Zealand's Netguide Web Awards
9 MAY, 2008

Yay! We win again! the real winners are all the guys and gals that relentlessly work at the warehouse/office, sorting and shipping the thousands of games, music and dvd orders. I've been with GPstore since 2003 working on the websites daily graphics and banners :)
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Happysheep stickers!
6 MAY, 2008

I received the new Happysheep stickers this morning, I've vectorized him for this print work. I'm not exactly sure how these stickers will be handed out, as they are still brand new (and shiny!)
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Meeting animation producer, Rita Street
1 MAY, 2008

I met up with animation producer Rita Street today; president of Radar Cartoons, to pitch Space Chronicles to her. I also made a SC DVD for her to take back, this is the only copy so I took a photo of it :)

Anyone remember The V tv show? no? it was one of my favorite childhood mini series. Here's a quick fan art of Diana from The V. Earth reflection image taken from David Attenborough's Planet Earth.
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Website mascot update
28 APRIL, 2008

I've put in sometime to reworked the site mascot, also made it into a wallpaper for fun :)
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Tinkerbell fan art
23 APRIL, 2008

Tinkerbell from Disney's Peter Pan, it's been awhile since I had time to do something that isn't contract work or Space Chronicles, so it was fun just doing this for the site. For a bigger version click here :)
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Space Chronicles now online!
16 APRIL, 2008

Finally, after months of work, the new site is now online, new artwork, codex, new comic and a updated trailer. I've put up the basic information to SC universe and main characters, of course I've left out more info that will later be revealed in comics or hopefully animation. Big thanks to Chris Corboy for tidying up my writing for the site.

There is a minor script error for SCU in New Ground #9, it's mention Dyna is Human, she is infact a Sumerian :) Also Captain Eva hair is now officially bleach blonde, instead of a heavy yellow.

Updated Space Chronicles Animated trailer, 2 new scenes added and some new sound fx and I changed the que cards alittle.

These are pretty old concepts for Nimby Opera, from middle of 2007 I think, if not earlier, as always I've only uploaded some of the concepts, can't show all the good stuff :)

Thats it for now, I have more other artwork lined up (it never ends.. and why should it! :) so keep checking back!
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19 March 2008
Quick Sketches: Girls!

These were done for something else.. which changed.. like all good design jobs, since they were lying around not being used, I figured I'll quickly colour and put them up :)

Space Chronicles website will now be relaunched on 18th April. Other new jobs contracted, no release date or info for those :(

Enjoy the half naked girls anyways! :) Thats not my tattoo design, I borrowed it off the net, good old Google image search.
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7 March 2008
Space Chronicles Universe: Prologue


Yay it's finished, the prologue to Space Chronicles Universe has been sent to DMC for New Ground #9, this will be the start of a full comic out sometime in 2009. This mini comic introduces some new characters and new story elements. More information will be available once the new site is up by the end of March.

Also a new announcement soon-ish, still working out the details! but stay tuned

And Happy Sheep is now officially online! (thats the logo I designed for them!)
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4 March 2008
The Skeleton Queen teaser poster

Magic, axes and monsters, a new comic I'm developing for DMC New Ground #10. I've released a teaser poster of Brak and Liara with a bunch of evil skeleton warriors (no doubt sent by the Skeleton Queen!), the poster will be featured in New Ground #9 (out in April) and a website available later in the year.

Warning this new comic will contain nudity and gore! maybe even on the official website too :) Not much will be revealed yet as I'm heavily working on Space Chronicles, which is still my priority creation.

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29 February 2008
Quick sketches: Zombies!

Quick sketches for a contract job application, which wasn't successful. But I rarely draw zombies, so here they are in my sketches gallery :)
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28 February 2008
Sneak Peek! The Cunning Little Vixen

I did this teaser artwork and character design for Nimby Opera in July 2007, it's been kept underwraps until now, they've recently printed these postcard sized to advertise their latest play Good Angel, Bad Angel in April and started promoting their next play, The Cunning Little Vixen, which will be ready by the end of the year.

If your in Wellington (New Zealand) you'll probably see these flying around, Nimby sent one to me this morning to have a look at my handy work :P The production is still in planning/development stage so I can't say much.

I will have this teaser artwork and maybe some character design available on my site later, as for now I rather if it's exclusive to print.

Also, portfolio section updated, finally!
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27 February 2008
Collectibles Update!: Mai Shiranui

Really cool statue of Mai Shiranui from the King of Fighters series, this came out mid 2007 I think. It's quiet big so I had to move a few of my other statues around as I'm running out of room.

Things are starting to fall into place, SCA is basically done now, just adding more sound. I was going to have all new music, I've already done half of the project with it, but as I listen to it more, it's not much of an improvement, it certainly sounds different, but the old track felt more suited for this project in the end.

Should be some artwork update soon... it's tough since I'm spending a lot of my free time to getting various Space Chronicles stuff done before end of March, plus I was pretty sick last week :P

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15 February 2008
Space Chronicles Animated update

Well, all the clean up for Space Chronicles Animated project is done, all 38 scenes, only two scenes without shadow level. Right now I'm finishing the rest of the backgrounds, adding more sound fx and tweaking a few scenes. Also note that Captain Eva hair is creamy yellow now, this version will be the last of her in heavy yellow. Screenshot is from one of the new finished scenes.
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11 February 2008
Collectibles Update!: Witchblade and Optimus

I don't watch (or read) a lot of anime, but I really like Gonzo version of Top Cow's Witchblade, I used to collect the comic book series long ago. The statue itself is great, I may get the rest of the cast... if I can find them.

I don't think a lot of people know about this light beamer, it's suppose to be a touchlight for kids (I guess.. says on the box) but the model is quiet nice, far better then the helmet size Optimus, and his eyes lights up for 3mins. It's not very big either so you can put it on your work station.
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5 February 2008
Character design: Vicky

A discarded character design for a client, with permission to put her in my sketches gallery :)

New Space Chronicles website will relaunch on 25th March, also teaser site for a new comic project for DMC early April. Anyways more stuff coming... so much to draw, need more sleep -_-

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2 February 2008
PEFA mascot design

Did this Character design for PEFA (Personalised Email For All) last month. On this site you can personalised your email to (almost) whatever you want, check it out for more details. For those that have asked, I just design characters for these sites, I don't look after them or work with them on the actual site.
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Happysheep mascot design
25 January 2008

I did this character design for Happysheep website few months ago. I'm not allow to say what the site does yet but it's good! There will be more of Happysheep throughout the year. Here are some of the concept art I did and final design in colour.

Here's a small artwork I did for Zillion's latest newsletter, it was drawn, cleaned and coloured under an hour :D
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Collectibles Update!: Princess Leia Animated Maquette
23 January 2008

Yay it's here and it looks great, now I'm tempted to get more Star Wars maquettes. Well I don't think you'll see anymore updates on maquettes or toys for awhile, I've ran out of room for them and I've gotten all the ones I really wanted.
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Sketches Gallery 2008 and Collectibles Update!
22 January 2008

A mixture of quick concept ideas that were lying around when I was tidying up my room, only a couple were done last year.

Original 1983 Don Bluth Dragon's Lair poster, love this game and mostly the animation style and characters. Move over Jessica Rabbit! :P

And finally, Girls of Chiodo figures, these came out in 1998, I did not know about them until now. Joe Chioho is one of my favorite comic book artist.
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Collectibles Update!: Shanna The She-Devil bust
15 January 2008

This one arrived in the morning, I have one more statue to go :P Here's Shanna The She-Devil! I collected Frank Cho's (legendary comic book artist) version of her back in 2003, she's basically like Red Sonja, except she picks her fights with dinosaurs like Raptors and T-Rex, instead of barbarians.
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Collectibles Update!: Holly Starlite maquette
14 January 2008

I've been trying to get this maquette for sometime now, it's surprisingly well painted, especially the face. It's quiet an old maquette from 2002 but still very cool. I know nothing about this character, it's an original character statue.
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Pin-up Gallery is back!
6 January 2008

Yay! Happy new year everyone. Pin-up gallery for 2008 is back, expect at least 2 fan art or original beach babe pin-up a month (if I am not tied down with work), I have a list to work from including some requested characters. To start off the new gallery is Cheetara from Thundercats! One of my favorite childhood cartoons. I've made a YouTube account and added a bunch of 80s cartoon intro into my favorites list.
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Mr Lazy
3 January 2008

Finally bought one of these babies, Boston X-Acto Electric Pencil Sharpener! You can get them at Gordon Harris for $130 NZD.
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New art 'work'
2 January 2008

Here are some client based artwork done during Christmas. As always, I don't release contact artwork until it's ok from the clients :) There are a few more but I have to wait til February.
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DMC website relaunch
24 December 2007
No I don't have holidays :) DMC website has been redesign and launched. Now has cool tab panels for each issue! that took awhile to do, it should work in IE7 and Firefox. The site isn't completey finished, I still have a few more things to tidy up. New Space Chronicles artwork upgrade probably in Feb, with Codex this time, and newly tweaked character designs :)

Happy holidays everyone.
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Collectibles Update!: The Art of Mass Effect
21 December 2007
The Mass Effect concept artbook arrived this morning, I've been waiting awhile now for this. I love the game and it's art direction (I love anything by Bioware :), unfortunately my Xbox 360 isn't working, so I haven't played this game since. The book covers what you'll expect from an artbook, character concepts, vehicles, enivroments etc, there is a spoiler page for Saren. It just came out in NZ so you can still pick it up :)

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Space Chronicles Animated Trailer!
11 December 2007
Took me about 2 days to do this, was dam fun :) Cost around $80 for new music and sound fx just for this trailer. Hope you enjoy it!
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More sketches
9 December 2007
Spent about an hour on some random sketches, the polar bear came from watching too many Golden Compass trailers.

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Todays sketches
8 December 2007
Well, it's Saturday and my Xbox 360 died, so I'm opening 2008 sketches gallery early! Just random character art. Also as you've probably notice I've changed the site a bit. For some reason I'm interested in Blade Runner DVD, hmmm must buy. I did buy a couple of dvds this week, The Simpsons Movie and David Attenboroug's Planet Earth part 2. Simpsons movie has great audio commentary (which is usually why I buy DVDs these days), one recorded for the directors and one for the animators.

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It's almost over
3 December 2007
My 3 years at Freelance Animation School is coming to an end, a few things left to do but I think I'm in good shape to say I'm done. However Space Chronicles Animated project is still going without the assessment pressure. Hopefully I will have final movie available online in Feburary 2008, but I still need to find out what else is happening at FAS next year regarding my project (I'll fill you in more on that later). For now I will be releasing a short 20 ish second trailer soon, it's been great fun putting it together. Other then that I designed a dvd cover for this project (no it won't be for sale), you can check it out here.

New Sketches gallery is now online, sketches from 2006 to 2007.

I will be available to take on new projects and also looking for work (or a studio) Right now I'm trying to get my portfolio and online stuff sorted, lots of house cleaning to do here. Back to work I go :)

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Exhibition Night
24 November 2007
Here's my panel at last nights exhibition, some more pics of the project :) I also received a Freelance Animation School award for professional use of multi-platform media, the prize was a cool (and expensive) art book The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, $50 Borders voucher, 2 free movie tickets and a few more things. Only 2 more weeks to go.

Space Chronicles Animated Exhibition Panel
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Space Chronicles Animated screenshots!
17 November 2007
Space Chronicles website has been updated with new screenshots from the project and the final poster design. Everything should be back to normal soon with new artwork (more girls and sketches) and more new contract work in the pipeline.

Next week is the Freelance Animation School Annual Exhibition, it's open to public on 24th Nov, Saturday at Jubilee Building, 545 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland, from 10am til 4pm. There's about 25 student (some left) work on display.

This is my last year at Freelance Animation School, it's been a 3 year journey and a dam good one, great people all through out, lots of fun and laughs :) As for now I want to get back to drawing some new artwork for my site and finish off part 3 of Space Chronicles mini story. Back to work I go!

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Toys and Eva
3 November 2007
Few more weeks left til the exhibition. Roughly 70% of the clean up is done, still plenty more to do. The online version should be up around the 10th of December, by then it should be 100% completed. Screenshots and the poster will be online next week! Haven't had time to reply a lot of emails and comments but I will get to it asap. No commissions until December the 7th :(

Bought some new action figures yesterday! Spawn series Agent 8 (photo left) came out last week in NZ. The Supergirl figure I thought looked good so I picked that one up as well :P

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New Life Drawings added
22 October 2007
Took some time out to scan my new life drawings. Portfolio section has been updated as well. Not much to report, after a solid week of getting the Space Chronicles website up, I'm feeling kinda burnt out, right now I'm tidying up the Codex text for the site.
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Space Chronicles new website launched
18 October 2007
Been awhile since I updated :) Ok the new Space Chronicles website is finally up, it took a lot of work. Still under construction but the bulk of it is online now. DMC comic New Grounds #8 is out now, the 5 pages of SC featured in there was created at a quick pace (took about a week in-between work and school) but it served the purpose of setting up for the animation project and part 3 finale in April 2008.

Lost in Space robot! I've been trying to get this robot on ebay for sometime now, never really found an auction suitable to buy. My tutor Joe from Freelance Animation School gave me this today! definitely a welcome edition to my collection :) thanks Joe!

More updates soon and hopefully new artwork.

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26 September 2007
Quick update :) Some art related work have been completed, I will be working down the list to get to your commission/contract work. As for my diploma animation, I've completed 2 mins of rough animation and now in the process of cleaning up all 38 scenes, more information wil be available on the 19th October on the new Space Chronicles website. What I've learnt about Captain Eva in animaton form, she is not easy to clean up, I think next time I'm going to create a model sheet just for her boobies as its not easy to keep those on model :P

I received my Halo 3 Legendary Edition this morning (thanks GPstore!), I probably won't be able to 'finish the fight' anytime soon due to work and school :( but the helmet it came with was not what I expected. I didn't think it was almost life size, very cool.

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New Life Drawings added
11 September 2007
It's a really busy week and next week as well. Apologises to all the late email replies and unanswered commission request. I greatly appreciate your interest in my artwork (and work), however for the next 2 weeks my mind will be set on school. Thanks for all your emails! I will be in touch as soon as I can! :)

New life drawings! :)

Posters, comics and Zillion
3 September 2007
New Zillion email artwork, this was done last week for their CDs and DVDs auction special.

Space Chronicles Adventures for DMC Comics is done!. 5 pages drawn and written, just have to tidy it up. It's been (and still is) chaotic here, with multiple deadlines for different clients/companies. Unfortunately for that reason the comic art took some beating to get it done, the quality isn't what I wanted, but it'll have to do. Good news is it'll tie into the animation being release end of the year, and the conclusion will continue in April's DMC release 2008.

Released artwork
26 August 2007
This artwork was done in April 07 for Zillion Ltd, the old Zillion team!. We've began on some new artwork.

I've also updated my Portfolio section. Still need to update my Biography.

Yukfoo Animation Studio
19 August 2007
Another work experience for me from my animation school, this time with New Zealand 2D/3D animation studio Yukfoo. However I'm there for a specific role, to tweak/design and animate their female characters :) I can't imagine doing anything else :P

A little history on Yukfoo, they've worked on various New Zealand adverts for Vodafone, Arnotts, Lotto and Powerade to name a few. I visited their studio, great place! lots of friendly people.

Note: I'm only doing work experience as part of my diploma course this year.

New Life Drawings added
15 August 2007
New life drawings from Monday and Tuesday night.

New Life Drawings added
09 August 2007
New life drawings from Tuesday night.

Still very busy at school, only several weeks left for rough animation. Other then that, working and schooling. Yes all contract work will be done before their deadline, no need to worry if you haven't heard from me :)

New Space Chronicles website won't be ready until middle of October, it's been pushed back to match the next DMC comic release at October's Armageddon this year.

New Life Drawings added
04 August 2007
New life drawings from Tuesday night.

Been really busy (and fun) week, we had a director assessment, the entire school was involved, split into 10 groups. Each group consist of 3 diploma students and roughly 12 novice students. I teamed up with internet famed animator Andrew Kepple and our school's top 3D animator Bryan Field. Although 3 of us were directors, I took the role of character and art director. Hopefully I can get ahold of our animatic and have it viewable here.

New Life Drawings added
25 July 2007
New life drawings from Tuesday night.

My diploma project, the animation is taking longer then expected due to a lot of action scenes (AND I have 3 walk cycle animation :) I'm not sure if the whole project will be completed, but the animation quality should be fairly high. I really want to finish it, but Freelance wants at least 15 seconds of your best animation.. so that is what I'm going to deliver and more!

New Life Drawings added
18 July 2007
Life drawings from Tuesday night. There won't be any new gallery pin up artwork for awhile. I will be busy with work: character, logo and poster designs (more details on those later in the year), school project and getting all the Space Chronicles done before September (5 page comic and lots of new website artwork). I might throw a few random sketches online if I have time.

Fan art: Cool World
06 July 2007
Another old Ralph Bakshi animated movie, Holli Would from Cool World. I chose her dancing outfit instead of the main dress, though I think she changes outfit quite abit.

I've started the rough animation on my Space Chronicles project, only a hand full of scenes are done (starting to look pretty good! :). I'm using my term break to head back to my animation school and continue working on it. Also working on the SCA comic now for DMC and hopefully more promo artwork before September.

New Life Drawings added
04 July 2007
My life drawing night classes are back! in the freezing cold! Here are some new stuff, mostly 5 to 15mins.

Fan art: Fire & Ice
28 June 2007
Cult animation legend Ralph Bakshi's Fire & Ice movie. Teegra's the most voluptuous character to date, and the most revealing for a PG cartoon. They don't make cartoons like these anymore. Maybe someday I'll continue that tradition after my diploma :)

Fan art: Pirates, The Legend of Black Kat
23 June 2007
My internet connection isn't working properly right now, so while I'm waiting to get that sorted out, here's a new fan art! Based off another favorite video game of mine, released in 2002 for the PS2 and Xbox. The only game in existence to have a female pirate captain. Ahoy bonny lass!

My email address has changed from tsailim@paradise.net.nz to tsai@tsai.net.nz. The old one still works, just making it easier to remember/type for the new one :)

Pizza girls
20 June 2007
Here are 2 artwork I did for a school advert competition. I wasn't going to enter but I figured it was a good excuse to draw some female characters :) I didn't spend too much time on each one.

New Life Drawings added
18 June 2007
These life drawings are a mixture from today and a couple of weeks ago.

Fan art: Dragon's Lair
16 June 2007
Princess Daphne from Don Bluth Dragon's Lair. One of the very few well design and animated female characters (apart from Jessica Rabbit of course!). I have a few more layouts to finish for my Space Chronicles Animated project, so Daphne was drawn and colored fairly quick. Here she is.

I've done a minor update on the Freelance Animation School highlights page and added a Site Feature banner. Will update the Portfolio page soon :)

Fan art: Star Wars KOTOR
12 June 2007
Bastila Shan from the Star Wars Xbox videogame, Knights of the Old Republic. I'm actually playing this at the moment (for the 3rd time), the storyline and characters are on par with the original trilogy, it's awesome!. Instead of Obi Wan as your mentor, in the game you get... Bastila :)

Fan art: Golden Axe
28 May 2007
There is no other video game I have played more then Sega's Golden Axe, I have this on my PSP and my old Sega Megadrive console. I think this is the first ass kicking female character, in a bikini for armor to grace the video game industry back in 1989.

My two weeks at Flux Animation Studio has come to an end, it's a nice place to work, filled with good and very talented people :) The owner of Flux knows a friend of mine that I've done some work for :D small world! During our two weeks we mainly did (lots) clean up for keys, inbetweens, backgrounds and props.

More life drawings...
22 May 2007
Although life drawing is really important for any artist, I'm kinda tired of uploading them on my site. Problem is 99% of artwork I produce are for contract work, I'm not allow to show (yet). Any free time I have, goes to my diploma project. Hopefully in the next couple of days that will change, I've started on a new gallery pin-up artwork (or two!)

Flux Animation Studio
15 May 2007
I was short listed along with 2 other students (out of 34 diploma students) at my animation school, to help Flux Animation Studios work on their new project for 2 weeks. It will be featured in a documentary. Right now I'm working on layouts, then inbetween and finally clean up. That's all I'm allow to say :P

As always even though I'm beat, I still manage to make it to the life drawing class tonight :)

New life drawings added
10 May 2007
New life drawings from Tuesday night.

Voice recording session
4 May 2007
My dialog recording is now done! I've never been to a professional audio suite or cast a professional voice actress, so it was great to see how it's all done and mixed. Big thanks to Carrie from Word of Mouth for organizing everything, Lucy for her kick ass voice for both characters and of course Auckland Audio :)

Lucy Wigmore from Shortland Street (left) and the Auckland Audio sound mixers.

New life drawings added
3 May 2007
Busy as always, work and school. Here are some new life drawings from last week.

Birthday Commission
25 April 2007
This was done fairly quick last week, a birthday card commission.

Few emails regarding Space Chronicles, the final website will be launch around August - September, with completely new artwork, site design and more information. The current website is only a teaser :)

Captain Eva's voice
21 April 2007
Lucy Wigmore, TV2 Shortland Street actress has agreed to voice Captain Claire Eva in my Space Chronicles Animation project. Recording will be done at Auckland Audio studios. What can I say, this is insanely awesome :)

Space Chronicles website launches!
20 April 2007
Space Chronicles website is finally up and running, this is only a teaser site, the rest of the site will be open later in the year. Codex page will feature all characters from the SC universe, their profile shot and history. Comics page will be similar to the Animation page, promoting 5 page comic strip release with the next DMC New Grounds book, that leads up to the animation event.

I've been getting quiet a bit of email and apologise for the late replies as I've been really busy with this diploma project and regular work.

Quick Sketch: Beach Girl
02 April 2007
I figure I should upload something, it's been awhile. So here's Beach Girl! roughly an hour to sketch and colour up. I've also made the updates look alittle nicer.

All of my time have been spent working on my diploma project at animation school. Check back before the end of April, I should have something up for it.

More Life Drawings added
19 March 2007
Here are today's life drawings, we had roughly 45 mins of 1 min only gestures, so not all made it onto my website :p If your unfamiliar with life drawing, one of the training is drawing whatever poses the live model does, capturing her/his attitude, weight and volume, under 1 min.

Gotham Comics upgrades
16 March 2007
Due to overwhelming amount of work and school work I have now, the Gotham Comics website will now be updated regularly by the Gotham Comics team! yay! including the weekly shipping list. Expect to see the changes early next week, as I'm trying to explain the whole updating process to them :)

New Zillion artwork
11 March 2007
I had less then 3 hours to do this for their latest newsletter, which is why it's missing shadowing layer. After this I've changed a few things on how I approach 'zero-day' art related work. In future, there will include shadow levels and various other effects, even if its only 2-3 hours work. I'm not sure when Zillion will release the team page artwork of all of them, but this character is Chris :)

Fan art: The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
1 March 2007
I've been real busy, the diploma project is very taxing, however worth it. Space Chronicles Animated is running along nicely, the characters are final, the script approved and next will be the storyboards. So I won't have any promo artwork until June.

This week's artwork is based on Margiana on The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, it was completed on Sunday, I didn't have time until tonight to colour it, it's also rushed since I don't have a lot of spare time now :/

More Life Drawings added
23 February 2007
Some life drawings for this year now online, 1min, 15mins and 30mins, you can probably guess which is which, there are a few more but I only picked the ones I like. I forgot to bring my B pencil, the 30min life drawing was done with a 6B, so I couldn't (as hard as I tried) get details in as I would have with a B pencil. Oh well :)

Space Chronicles Animated approved!
16 February 2007
Space Chronicles Animated project has been approved as my final (diploma) project at Freelance Animation School. Here are concepts of the first SCA pitch that didn't make it, none of these designs will be in the final animation. Sorry no character concepts, they were all approved :) A teaser site will be launch later in the year, including a planned 5 page comic strip published by DMC Comics, leading up to the animation event.

Fan art: Supergirl
6 February 2007
Ok back to Freelance Animation School tomorrow, I manage to rush one last Gallery artwork for this week. Supergirl!, more to come hopefully. I'm not sure when Zillion.co.nz will be displaying new artwork I did for them last week but look out for those!

Fan art: Battle Beyond the Stars
2 February 2007
Anyone familiar with the 80's sci-fi movie Battle Beyond the Stars should recognize this character :)

Quick sketches...

I don't usually draw on a raging hot day, but I thought I'll get some quick sketches through.

Background test...

While planning for my final year at Freelance Animation School project (Space Chronicles Animated), I did some quick background work early December to see if it's what I want. A lot of Samurai Jack background inspirations for these. They were going to be left for my SCA teaser site later in the year, but hey I'll probably be doing way more concept art by then to use.

Gallery artwork...

It's been awhile since I did a World of Warcraft fan art. I became interested in the Draenei race and their lore in Warcraft (Muradin server, Redcloud or Redhorn :) So here it is.

more Gallery artwork...

Anyone remember Bucky O'Hare? one of my favorite cartoons, here is the next Gallery artwork, enjoy! :)

Gallery 2007 has begun...

Starting off 2007 Gallery with a fan art. I got the PSP Star Wars Lethal Alliance as a Christmas present, I haven't had time to play it much but I love the 2 new characters featured in the game and I love Star Wars tremendiously :)

A larger 1024x768 version is available here


New NZflatmates artwork for the New Year!

New gals for 2007...

Here they are, new web template gals :D I figured I'll put them on now incase I forget about them during the new year. Back to more drawing!


As I try to finish up on the new website girls (website template bikini girls on the top and left side) for 2007, along with growing work I am grinding through. This was one of the early reject poses. I've quickly colored this as a news piece for today :D

Zillion artwork...

Boxing Day Zillion artwork, you can check out their special offer for this week

Merry Christmas...

Although I've done plenty of commissions, they usually end up into regular work. This new page is for one off commissions. A few updates around the site, Gallery section has been updated, new 2007 pin-up artwork coming soon. A highlight page for my Freelance Animation School is online. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

Christmas Draena...

These might be the last Draena artwork in this art style, they were done a month ago, more characters and a different Draena in 2007, for now here are the Christmas artwork :)

New Freelance website finally online...

After months of designing, planning and everything inbetween, it's finally online.. well 80% of it. There are few pages missing and bits and pieces that need to be tighten up. I'm not sure what my credit is here apart from web designer, I also manage the whole project from gathering and sorting resources and information, keeping (as humanly possible as I could) everything under control. Jon Wenmoth took my designs and put it altogether into a Flash website and also an impressively database driven site. He's has done an excellent job, well beyond my expectations :) We'll be continuing this project in the New Year, but for now, it's done!

What needs to be done:
- Stills and Video page (Student, Tutors and School TV Ads videos)
- Sound FX!
- Links
- Minor additions like a continuous roller for the staff page

We haven't add our names yet, that will be done soon, it should appear at the bottom where the copyright info is.

Right now I'm grinding as much free time as I have into planning for my 3rd year project, concepting characters, enviroments, story structure and lots and lots of research. I'll have some artwork uploaded soon that aren't related to this project, that will be revealed middle of 2007 unfortunately :(

Freelance Animation School 2nd year ends...

Today was the last day of our 2nd Year at Freelance, we watched some movies on a projector and had a feast! it was great. Though I am officially on holiday I still have plenty of work to do so I'm on semi holiday. On to 2007!, diploma year with the same wacky classmates from Freelance.

I manage to sneak in a Jessica Rabbit picture during the last few days in class before we had to pack up. Plus photos of todays class event and various picture leading up :)

Cartoon sketches...

I did all these last week at school but forgot to scan them until today :(

More Draena artwork...

Collection of Draena artwork a month ago, I've included some unused pose sketches.

Zillion artwork #1...

A commission for the Zillion.co.nz team for their nightly maintenance. This was done about a month ago, most likely to be a series of them soon, hopefully I can include a sexy girl to make people visit it during maintenance ;)

Animation Gallery...

Animation finally arrives at Tsai.net.nz. I only picked a few to have on my site, the rest are mainly keys and breaks, which is good training, but not so good for public viewing. I put as much effect as I could with the given weeks to deck out Amazon Hunter (background, shadow level, thick outline for animation etc), to experiment and pave the way for my Diploma 2min animation next year. My 3rd Year project will be announced soon :)

Weekly sketches...

I did some sketches this week during class while waiting to use the computer lab, to color my Amazon Hunter animation scene. They range from under an hour to 20mins.

Life Drawing update...

6 hours of life drawing today, I was the only one (including the tutor) that stayed through 2 classes (morning and afternoon) of it. I've only uploaded the ones I like, one 30mins and the rest are 7mins sketches :D

Quick sketches...

Though I've done a lot of drawings (like my animation scene and other commissions) I can't upload them until later on, so I figured I should update with something. Now that our animation exams are over we're just relaxing and enjoying ourselves, I spent today sketching and coloring (as best as I can with those awful color pencils) lots of random girls, each sketch took about 15mins or less, so you get the idea on how roughly I've done them.

Work, school, work, repeat...

Lots of work and school work, no time to update :/
Lots of commissions, Freelance Animation School website, regular GPstore, Gotham Comics, logo designing. Working on a fully colored animation (2sec short) at animation school, should have that and lots of other stuff online in December :D
I passed my exams at Freelance Animation School (key clean-up and rough dialog animation), now we have to be interviewed for our next year diploma in animation.

In The Beginning

I found a bunch of my old artwork I've done before Animation School, I've uploaded a few from 1995 to early 2004. A trip down memory lane :)

Draena the Playelf

Leviathan guild new Draena artwork, used it in a very clever way on their website :) More Draena coming soon :)

Draena artwork

New Draena artwork for Leviathan guild.

Draena is back!

New artwork of Draena for the Leviathan guild. I've changed her design a little, showing a bit more skin!

Welcome to the new design

New site, new stuff! Space Chronicles is done and included in New Ground #6. I had to finish up 5 pages and the comic cover right in the middle of my animation exams, so the artwork quality isn't as what I wanted it :( nevermind! it's done and it's on the way to the printers. It's been a long road with Space Chronicles but it's finally finished. A brand new comic (still featuring women, of course) is in the works so stay tune for more details.

Sketchbook doodles #9

My key and dialog animation final exam is over! Won't know the results until almost 3-4 weeks later. Waited almost an hour to use the linetester, so I doodle this while I waited.

Sketchbook doodles #8..

Quick sketches, while I was waiting for the linetester during our exam.

New look, new website, very soon..

Space Chronicles is done, DMC #6 cover is finished, all sent and ready for printing. New Tsai.net.nz website is 80% completed, should be online around 27th-30th September. No updates until then :)

Sketchbook doodles #7..

Finally had some time to do some girlie drawings, been so busy with work, school and.. lots more work. These doodles are in the Gallery page, figured I need to put some pencil art in there.

Few things to update, a new Tsai.net.nz website is in the works, hopefully ready by early October. Space Chronicles is pretty much done plus the DMC issue #6 cover is almost finished. Freelance Animation School website concept design has been approved, I'll be starting work on that very soon. Plus awhole heap of stuff which I'll mention later. I have my final exams next week, so please expect delays with my email reply.

Kiwi Excavation has a website and have my logo design on it! it's also on their staff T-shirt (you can just see it, I've sure it's the logo!), very cool :D

The Flatmates..

New Flatmates Episode 14 "Realisation" artwork, if you've registered with nzflatmates.co.nz then you'll already have seen this through their email newsletter.

New Life Drawings..

Life Drawing evening class right after day 2 of my Clean Up exams, I'm surprised I'm still updating my site after coming home. Includes 2, 5 and 20 mins drawings.

Fan Art: Captain of the Royal Guards..

I don't remember much of my childhood except surrounded by He-Man toys. I had pretty much all of these figures, missing was Teela which my sister had.

Leviathon Artwork..
New Commission artwork for the Leviathon Guild uploaded.

New Website..

Here's a new website I've finished, The Gibson Comic Awards, which is run by Gotham Comics and DMC. Now's your chance to take part in voting for your favorite artist and comics. The awards will be held at Armageddon this year, hosted by J.Michael Straczynski (Creator of Babylon 5).

Fan Art: The Amazon Princess..

Took some timeout to do a Wonder Woman artwork for my Gallery. If I decide to do another one, Spider Woman will be next on the list :)

Website mascot...

Commission work for the Leviathon Guild, part of the World of Warcraft gaming community.

Portfolio updated...

Big update for my Portfolio section, with new art and web related work.

Sketchbook doodles #6 + Sketch Gallery Opens...

I've put together this week's sketchbook doodles, no more doodles for the next 2 weeks since I'll be on my mid term break. Doesn't mean there's no artwork being uploaded, I will be working on a few projects for clients (artwork and design). More details about some of them in July, including the release of Space Chronicles online info.

I've also drawn an enviroment scene for fun early this week, which will be used as my first sketch piece for the gallery.

Sketchbook doodles #5...

Yay finally, manage to do some sketchbook drawings since I finished all my class work.

Life Drawing updated...

Last week's Life Drawing added, human head and skull study. We had to learn about the internal facial structure by matching an actual skull and live model facial features. And construct the skull out of plasterscene, unfortunately we weren't allow to keep them in the end. I did the class twice so I had 2 sets of drawings.

School Assignment...

Slow but busy week, here is my less then desirable rushed Rapunzel school assignment.

Logo design...

Logo design for a kiwi operated excavation company in Canada, Kiwi Excavations!, here is the final design plus some concept sketches.

Life Drawing Gallery...

Finally sorted out my Life Drawing artwork, only 2 new 2006 pieces, the rest is from last year, more to come!

Sketchbook doodles #4...

This terms we have a character and enviroment design assignment, based on the story of Rapunzel at Animation School. This week (and probably next) I have been throwing around ideas for it, these are just thinking on paper concepts, the real concepts (model sheets etc) will start soon, those will be uploaded when done.

Sketchbook doodles #3...

Exhausted and ill, sums up this week for me. With meetings, deadlines, daily work load and school assignment to complete, it's one of those... weeks. This week there isn't a lot of doodling done, so here they are.

Jack and the Genie...

New artwork for my Gallery section. Some nasty bullies have been picking on Jack at school. One stormy night, he accidently discovers a magical lamp in his attic.

Pretty Pink...

This was intended to be the new front page cover, but... I decided no, so she's now a new artwork for my Gallery.

Sketchbook doodles #2...

Weekly doodles #2!, bald men, big noses and yes, girls. A new front page image will be up soon, so Winter Girl has been moved to the Gallery.


Just a quick sketch and color of a character :)

Sketchbook doodles #1...

Finally bought a new sketchbook a few days ago, so I got right down to just doodling whatever when I'm on my break at Freelance Animation School, I've only scanned a few, I will put more up at the end of every week, looks like I'll have to get a 2nd sketchbook soon...

Space Chronicles will be revealed at the end June, including other projects.

Freelance Animation School 1st animation test...

First animation attempt at Freelance Animation School, we had to come up with a dance for our characters. There are gazillion problems with this animation, so please bear with it, there were many complications and this has been a huge learning curve for me. This piece was completed in 8 days including planning of the dance moves, drafts (and stick figure sketches), key, breakdown and in-between animation. View animation

Adventures of Savage Woman...

Frank Cho created Shanna, Budd Root had Cave Woman(!), now I want a stone age super woman! so here's my version. I was so busy with work and school I didn't have time to color it until today, now I've lost interest to finish it however, I motivated myself to sit in front of my computer, clicking and working away on my tablet. So here she is - half completed.

Online auction site Zillion wins...

Congratulation to Zillion! for winning 'Best New Site' at the Netguide Web Awards in Auckland last night. Well done Dylan and Simon! (picture)

Freelance Character Design Assignment...

This year at Freelance Animation School we had to design a character and animate it, so we wrote their background history, personality etc, then created facial expressions, poses and finally the model sheet with construction. I've decided to predominantly use an existing character, Dragon's Lair; Princess Daphne, for my design inspiration.

I wanted to try and capture the Disney style with her, though I found out very quickly this was going be one hell of a challenge, she's really hard to draw because she is made up of circular forms! But here she is, Princess Sofie. These are just a few of the sketches I've done (plus many more) but you get the idea. View Artwork

New Gallery artwork

Added a new artwork for the Gallery, not entirely sure what the theme is, hmmm, any ho more to come.

Old artwork...

Older artwork are now added to the Gallery page by request, they are mainly fan art from computer games like City of Heroes and World of Warcraft. New artwork "Sea Princess" and another one (yet to be name) will be online soon.

Open for business...

Welcome to my new website. I decided to create something simple, easy and user friendly to view my work, still tweaking a few things but this is pretty much it. On the Portfolio page, you will see designs I am currently working on and designs I have completed, the Gallery page consists of random artwork done in my spare time and the Home page feature sketches from school. Enjoy!

Space Chronicles project has been pushed forward to October 2006 released by DMC Comics, 5 page comic strip, 2 pin-ups and an A2 poster. More info later in the year, stay tune!


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