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This is a quick breakdown of my highlights at Freelance Animation School

3rd Year Freelance Animation School 2007

Completed & Graduated 3rd Year Diploma

Shortland Street actress Lucy Wigmore voice to feature in my diploma animation project. Voice recorded at Auckland Audio Studio.

Selected to attend work experience for Yukfoo Animation Studio. Female character design for 2D animation project.

Selected (out of 34 diploma students) to attend work experience at Flux Animation Studio for 2 weeks. Clean up artist for 2D animation project.

2nd Year Freelance Animation School 2006

Completed 2nd Year

National Certificate Character Animation: Key Artistry

Helped inbetween clean up for Freelance Animation School Unleash Your Creativity advert aired on C4

Website design for Freelance Animation School in 2006, with help from Jon Wenmoth developing it in Flash.

Collection of key and inbetween animation from 2nd Year at Freelance Animation School, including the exam animation.

1st Year Freelance Animation School 2005

Completed 1st Year with a first time pass on the Clean Up exam

National Certificate Character Animation: Foundation Skills and Inbetween

Helped inbetween Clean Up a animation scene in Anika Moa music video. This was done in the last week of school before Christmas holidays.

Winner of a Freelance Animation School competition opened to all students. character design for a resturatant (Pinkerton Noodles). $500 cash prize, plus bonus.

Collection of assignments and artwork from 1st Year at Freelance Animation School

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